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GHC Luxury Human Placenta Cell Care
GHC 殿堂級珍貴人胎盤素系列

Palace class precious human placenta essence

Placenta beauty effect is very significant, when applied to skin care when it is like a cell into the expansion of nutrients, start its gene regeneration, repair years blemishes. Placenta is [omnipotent], it is supplied by the blood from the maternal fetal nutrition and oxygen It is nicknamed the [happy growth factor], the placenta can secrete a variety of active substances that maintain cell growth and splitting indispensable [CGF], stimulate cell renewal activation The Human placenta series from the inside to the outside supply of cell nutrition, for improving the skin dull, fine lines, skin relaxation problems, to achieve whitening and compact effect

GHC Soap HP (Human)

Key Ingredients gently remove impurities and moisturize the skin. In addition, placenta extract and four nano-vitamins can increase skin firmness and brighten, and help maintain healthy skin turnover.

Main Effect : 

• Remove excess sebum and dirt 
• Gentle cleansing sensitive skin with moisturizing effect
• Bring out moisturizing effect 

Directions :

After remover, in the palm of your hand by two foam then completely clean the face, rinse through with water

GHC Lotion HP (Human)

Placenta extract and a combination of a variety of moisturizing ingredients to increase the skin firmness and elasticity of the feeling, to keep the skin moisture balance, so that the skin to achieve the effect of compact and rejuvenated.

Main effect : 

  • Increase skin tightness and elasticity
  • Keep skin moisture balanced
  • Make the skin feel smooth and rejuvenated


Use GHC HP foam thoroughly cleaned, pour the right amount of lotion on the surface.

GHC Cream HP (Human)

Lamellar Liquid Crystal Technology - a layered liquid crystal formulation with the same structure as the skin between the skin cells, so that oil free HP cream can penetrate the skin evenly, can absorb hyaluronic acid and moisturizing ingredients, long lasting moisturizing effect, preventing water evaporation from skin, while help improve skin elasticity, firmness and brightening effect.

Main Effect :

  • Penetrate skin to keep moisture
  • Long lasting moisturizing effect, preventing water evaporation from skin
  • Help keeping firmness, brighten and elastic 

Directions :

Apply a soybean size of HP cream to the entire face. It is recommended to use GHC UV protector after the HP cream.

GHC Essence (Human)

Powered by highly concentrated essence of placeental extract, collagen and hyaluronic acid, this GHC essence targets to diminish any flaw on skin.

Main Effect : 
  • Moist and pamper skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Firm sagging skin
Direction :

Take a few drops to press on the areas with pigments, wrinkles or other skin flaw after cleanse and applying GHC lotion. Keep refrigerated after opening. 

GHC Placental 3D mask with CoQ10 (Human)

A mask loaded with placental extract, CoQ10 and other valuable ingredients, boosting its effect through a sealed condition, resulting in renewed and energized, skin looks youthfully radiant. 

Main Effect : 
  • Replenish moisture
  • Lift dullness
  • Brighten skin tone
Direction : 

Apply on face for 15-20 minutes after clease and applying GHC Lotion. Remove and resume normal skincare routine.