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Derma Veil ®
得美顏 ® - 嬰肌童顏

Changes in skin texture and facial features are the biggest age markets. But there are ways to rewind the beauty clock. In the past, technology to facilitate generation of collagen was widely deployed to lift part of the facial features. However, it may create an unnatural expression and facial stiffness without improving your skin quality at all!

Derma Veil®, vowing to restore your baby-soft skin and bring out the best in your facial features, has applied the groundbreaking 3R Micro Collagen Time-reversing Technology in a series of treatments. The treatment activates speedy formation of new collagen to optimize facial features and reveal skin’s youthful and natural glow. Silky and plump skin like newborn can be restored. What’s more, the results will last over two years. (Effects vary from person to person)

Derma Veil ®

Derma Veil®

Activates Your Collagen-generating cells

Wipe Ages Off Your Face

To obscure the aging signs, the Derma Veil® 3R Micro Collagen Time-Reversing Technology has been devised to allow deep penetration of collagen stimulator into dermis layer, prompting skin cells to quickly build up a supply of collagen. The proven technology helps replenish collagen for a firm and youthful face with distinguishing facial features.

3R Micro Collagen Time-reversing Technology :

Rejuvenation: Stimulate growth of bright, smooth skin

Small molecules of Glycolic Acid can penetrate into skin surface and help soften epidermal barrier lipids, giving a boost of elasticity and intactness within the skin layers.

Reshape: Bring out the best in facial features

The micro injection materials can be injected into any part of face, facial features will appear natural upon injections.

Reverse: Restore the natural texture of skin

Speedy formation of collagen boosts inner resilience of your skin for a bouncy, poreless and clear texture.

Restore Baby-soft Skin ‧ Redefine Facial Features  Effects last over 2 years

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Q : How long will it take to stay after treatment?
A : Derma Veil after treatment. The skin absorption and stimulate the collagen self-proliferation, the effect of about 3 to 5 days after the gradual appearance of the effect can generally be maintained for more than 2 years, the final effect due to different skin conditions and age. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder