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"RE" a leading brand in Korea, is committed to developing "regenerative medicine" to break through the traditional embedding concept. Introduction of revolutionary RE: PDO embedding product line is for the face andneck's different texture and contour characteristics. N-Finders’ products has all gone through high-end scientific research and rigorous testing; all of their own design, unique tailoring; built their own production plant, control of the production process is all by hand to ensure quality  control. N-Finders has been certified by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) and has obtained several Industry awards, product performance and safety are guaranteed.

  • The one and only manufacturer’s products has all gone through high-end scientific research and rigorous testing.
  • Variety types of design, targeted for different facial feature parts.
  • Can take care of even delicate and fine parts of the face, e.g. eye, nose, jawline, neckline etc.  

Ten Minutes to perfection - Derma Spring Eye

  • Specially designed ultra-thin nanotech cannulas are designed for soft dermis, pulling up any sagging tissues under the eye, upper eye lid or at the corners to resolve any fine wrinkles on the epidermis.
  • When injected subcutaneously under the eye, fat tissues are destroyed while collagen production is boosted, resulting in tauter skin for bags under your eyes.
  • Unique suture architecture gives a firm grip on delicate skin tissues around the eye, removing droop, sag and tear trough.
  • Focused stimulation of collagen production irons out wrinkles around the eyes and return them to glory.

Main Effect:
  1. Nanotech cannulas Specially designed for delicate eye areas
  2. Reduces sagging under the eyes
  3. Removing dark circles, filling out tear troughs, crow’s feet
  4. Raising drooping upper eyelid 

Twn Minutes to perfection - Derma Spring

  • Tightly coiled medical-grade suture is memorable and exceedingly elastic—much like a spring mattress—which allows it to padout or tighten up skin tissues accordingly. Derma Spring is particularly effective in sites with heavy collagen loss, such as lndian folds, nasolabial folds and marionette lines and creping cheeks.
  • The coiled architecture dramatically increases the surface area of the suture which is directly exposed to subcutaneous tissues, stimulating collagen production into overdrive and patching up cracks and crevices within.
  • Compared to fillers, this targeted restoration of dense irregular connective tissues provides more accurate, focused and immediate improvements, and the subsequent spike in collagen production further reinforces the results with tissues generated by the body itself.

Main Effect:
  1. Memorable coiled design increases volume between skin tissue
  2. Targets Indian folds, nasolabial folds and marionette lines
  3. Regains compactness of skin
  4. Improves skin elasticity

Ten Minutes to perfection Y-KO

  • The nose consists of nasal bones, cartilages and soft tissue in the wings. Noses come in various shapes and sizes and are largely a result of genetics.

  • Aesthetical balance for the nose generally refers to a straight bridge with a dorsal hump mildly protruding from the wings, without conspicuous droops or retracting nostrils.

  • As the nose takes centre stage in our facial appearance, irregular shapes such as underdeveloped bridges or columns may impair the perceived projection of the entire face. Some may prefer a higher bridge, others a more refined and slender tip.

Main Effect:

  1. Improve crooked nose bridge
  2. Under developed bridges
  3. Shaping of a high, straight fine and bony type of nose
  4. Improves widely & dropping nose tip
  5. Increase dimensional sense of nose tip

N² Power lift - Spiral

  • As the largest organ in the human body, the skin demarcates the boundary of our physiological system and serves as its first line of defence against the external environment.

  • Subdermal collagen production plummets over the years as ageing sets in, resulting in sagging and wrinkles

  • Exposure to the elements, including ultraviolet rays from the sun and free radicals in atmospheric oxygen, accelerates this ageing process, causing skin to sag.

Main Effect:

  1. Narrow nose wings
  2. Improve drooping of the ends of eyes
  3. Uplift eye brow
  4. Uplift middle section of face
  5. Rebuilt jawline contour
  6. Body line shaping
  7. Tightens double chin

N² Power lift - Royal

  • With multi directional four-dimensional cogs spiraling along the length of medical-grade sutures, spiral threads provide a pronounced effect in deep-tissue lifts, lending scaf-folding support to sagging skin and restoring it to its original youthful position.
  • The presence of the sutures stimulates subdermal collagen production, delivering well-rounded elasticity which irons out fine wrinkles and adds colour to the cheeks.
  • With spiral cogs distributed evenly along the suture, it can improve the width of nose wings and big nostrils problem.

Main effect:
  1. 360 degrees, four dimensional cog design
  2. Tightens and uplift face contour
  3. Narrow nose wings
  4. Uplift the ends of the eyes and brows

N² volumisation - N-scaffold

  • Skin around the neck lacks sebaceous glands and is frequently flexed in day-to-day activities, leaving it susceptible to loss of moisture and elasticity which results in sagging and wrinkling. 
  • Neck folds are a precursor to wrinkle and are induced by lifestyle choices and posture in addition to age and genetics.
  •  Skin tissue around the neck is exceptionally delicate, and lines are generally difficult to resolve once they are formed, which is why they are seen as a true gauge of age.

Main Effect:

  1. Powerful fill-out effect for caved-in areas and neck line repairs
  2. Tightening skin and muscles around the neck
  3. Improving skin elasticity around the neck
  4. Reducing double chins
  5. Restoring cheek volume for a fuller facial contour

Screw Thread

  • Volume of the screw can hold and firm the fascia of dermis layer, firming effect will be better than general Mono threads.
  • Screw design can support and increases contact surface, thereby enhancing the pulling effect and durability, to improve jawline contour and V-lifting.

Main Effect:
  1. Increase contact surface to enhance lifting effect
  2. Improve the cheek sagging
  3. Enhance the pulling effect and durability of jawline
  4. Improve skin elasticity

Mono Thread/ Vertical Mono Thread (Acne Scar)

  • Formation of an invisible stent in the underlying tissue to promote collagen hyperplasia in subcutaneous tissue, enhance skin elasticity, wrinkle and improve skin
  • Improve sagging and increase elasticity to achieve tightening effect, create perfect 3D face contours and turn back skin aging clock.
  • Tightens double chin to raise neck contours, smooth fine lines, and reduce neck area sagging