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About CosTherapy
CosTherapy mainly deals with medical cosmetic products to clinics, beauty salons in Hong Kong and Macau, we handpick premium medical cosmetic products imported from the Europe, Korea and Japan for clinics, beauty salons, ensuring our products best suit the needs of medical aesthetic practitioners and produce optimal result in both inner and outer self of users.

The quality requirement in these areas is well known high standard. Prior to the formal launch of product, there products are required to pass a local professional organization related to clinical trials and receive the relevant authorities approval. Therefore, product quality is guaranteed, safe and reliable.
Our Expertise
CosTherapy is committed to providing customers with quality, safe and reliable medical cosmetic treatment solutions, we adopt rigorous criteria to evaluate the production of medical products from different countries, each category to take the best products. It is also a mission for CosTherapy to source premium medical cosmetic products across the world to diversify our current offerings.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of the product. We have always attached importance to product safety, to ensure that the distribution of different products are in the country of origin by the government, and professional authority approved by the professional authority. In addition, we will regularly review the existing products, collect professional advice from, and repeatedly provided by the best choice, so we get sincerity recommended and use by the major medical clinics and beauty centers.

Our flexible medical beauty program will not just a single brand to promote, we have professional certified team of experts create the best combination of treatment. Treatment combination of a variety of functions in one, in accordance with scientific and clinical evidence, combined with the strengths of different brands to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

In addition, our company also holds regular workshops and seminars to ensure customers having the latest product information and trends.